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Anthony Soto
Superintendent's Office
Stephen Mahoney
Assistant Superintendent
Superintendent's Office
Marianne Currier
Chief of Pupil Services
Special Education
Beth Gage
Chief of Human Resources
Human Resources
Jackie Glasheen
Executive Director School Leadership
Sarita Graveline
Executive Director of School Leadership
Erin Linville
Chief of Strategy and Turnaround
Superintendent's Office
Sean Mangano
Executive Director of Finance
Steven Moguel
Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Christy Prosser
Executive Director of Technology and Operations
Rebecca Thompson
Executive Director of Academics
Jennifer Albury
Director of Multilingual Education
Whitney Anderson
Director of Maintenance
Lymari Arroyo
Account Clerk – State & Federal Grants
Michael Bennis
Help Desk Computer Technician
Technology and Operations
Emily Beebe
Senior Data Analyst
Data Services
Maria Borras
Human Resources Generalist
Human Resources
Tara Brandt
Director of Mathematics
Melvin Cabrera
Help Desk Computer Technician
Technology and Operations
Cynthia Carbone
Director of Health, Wellness, and Nursing