Don't let the flu and COVID-19 catch you off guard this winter, join us for a Flu & COVID Vaccination Clinic happening on Wednesday, February 15, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at The Care Center (247 Cabot Street). Vaccinations and boosters will be available for those six months and up, bring your insurance card for the flu shot and be prepared to stay for a 15-minute observation after getting vaccinated. Registration is encouraged but optional; you can register at And as a bonus, get a $75 gift card for COVID vaccines while supplies last! Take advantage of this opportunity to protect yourself and your loved ones from these serious illnesses.
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Graphic art of a young woman getting vaccinated with the words "let's get vaccinated".
Graphic art of a young woman getting vaccinated with the words "let's get vaccinated" in spanish.
HPS kicks off attendance campaign with celebration tomorrow, January 18! Holyoke Public Schools will celebrate students’ attendance achievements with festivities scheduled for 4:15-5:15 p.m. on January 18 at Holyoke High School North. During the event, Mayor Joshua Garcia and HPS Superintendent Anthony Soto will be joined by 50-70 students and their families from throughout the district to celebrate the students' excellent attendance and/or significant attendance improvements.
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Graphic with the words Attend today, achieve tomorrow in english and spanish.
Holyoke Public School’s “community-centric” approach to strategic planning was featured in a recent article published by consulting firm Education Resources Strategies (ERS), shining a bright light on both the process and the outcomes. The article can be found here: “While many districts often struggle to execute a planning process that fosters widespread community buy-in, HPS leaders were able to design for equitable, long-lasting engagement,” ERS wrote in the article. “They embedded the community directly and authentically in the work to create full alignment and a bold plan that will guide them over the next few years.” The district’s Strategic Planning process began in September 2021 as Superintendent Anthony Soto launched his entry plan work and included an inclusive planning process throughout spring and summer 2022. Under the umbrella of the district’s existing turnaround plan, Holyoke Public Schools released a new multi-year strategic plan in August. The plan reflects all the work that had been done under the turnaround plan over the last almost seven years and articulates focus for the next few years. Throughout the process, more than 400 staff, family members, students, and community members provided input for the plan, in addition to the 1,150+ people who contributed to Superintendent Anthony Soto’s entry plan process that concluded earlier this year.
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Viruses and bacterial infections are on the rise: Please take precautions. RSV, Flu, COVID-19, and Group A streptococcus infections also pose combined risks. Like schools and communities across the state and country, Holyoke has recently experienced overlapping surges of viral illnesses among our students and staff, including the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), the flu, and COVID-19. Some parts of the country have also seen an increase in Group A streptococcus infections (such as scarlet fever and strep throat) in children. Massachusetts health officials are bracing for these bacterial infections to be on the rise locally, too. All of these illnesses are contagious, and spread can occur relatively quickly. It is particularly concerning that it is possible for individuals to have two or more of these viral conditions serially, simultaneously, or even paired with bacterial or other infections. And because the symptoms for these three viral illnesses share some similar symptoms, it can be hard to tell them apart. If your child is symptomatic, we recommend keeping your child at home and reaching out to your healthcare provider for guidance. Likewise, we recommend the same for staff members. You can read more about these illnesses on our website, along with important steps you can take to help keep yourself and your family healthy this winter.
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Teddy bear holding tissue and thermometer
Need help understanding the Phase 2 rezoning decisions made by Holyoke Public Schools? To help provide answers, we've posted a Frequently Asked Questions section on our website If you have any other questions or issues, just email us at with your address and your child's current grade level, and we'll be happy to help.
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Graphic of a question mark and exclamation point.
We had an amazing Cookies and Cocoa with Santa event at Maurice A. Donahue School! Over 300 students and their families came to share this evening and enjoy the upcoming holiday season. So lucky to have such a dedicated and wonderful group of staff and volunteers! We are also grateful for our community partners that supported us with this event.
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Santa and Mrs. Claus handing out toys to two students.
Staff from Donahue School
Santa and Mrs. Claus handing out toys to a student.
Spirit week at Donahue School!
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Group of small students in classroom with their halloween costumes.
Three Donahue staff members dressed in bee costumes.
Our Online Store, with the help of Holyoke Sporting Goods, is now OPEN!! please click on the link to visit : You can also go the Holyoke Sporting Goods web site and it is listed under spirit stores.
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Autumn Sale Graphic
Autumn Sale Graphic in Spanish
Our Dolphins are doing things in the city!! See the post on what Jedediah did this summer. So proud of the hardworking youth who worked with us this summer to bring you these limited-edition tees! Check our blog to learn more, and visit us this week and next at our storefront to buy and support! More pics and info: Shout out to the five young people who worked with us for this: Lakeysha Heredia, Kaisha Serrano, Jedediah Arrocho, Jayden Moquin, and Elisamuel Ramirez, and thanks to MassDevelopment TDI Creative Catalyst and MassHire Holyoke YouthWorks for their partnership to make it possible.
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Picture of a side by side of a student wearing a pink shirt next to art made by her.
When your team gets more excited about teaching kids every day!! At Donahue School, your teachers see #GREATNESS in YOU!
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Three Donahue School Educators Posing for a picture.
It’s been a great start to the 2022 - 2023 school year! Now we wait for our little ones to join our dolphin family.🐬
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Donahue staff