Six students dressed in pink shirts wearing pig ears and tails

E.N. White Dual Language kindergarten students recently performed short skits in Spanish of classic fables known and loved by generations of people, young and old. 

  • Students in Dual Language Teacher Axelmma Martinez’ class in Homeroom 101 performed “Los Seis Cerditos” (“The Six Little Pigs”), adapted from the classic “Three Little Pigs” adapted to ensure that all 24 students could participate. 

  • Students in Dual Language Teacher Alicia Gerena’s Homeroom 102 performed “El Pastorcito Mentiroso” (“The Boy Who Cried Wolf”). 

Following these performances, students danced and sang "Que bonito es ser bilingüe" (“How nice it is to be bilingual”), a song by Bob Gomez that evokes the connection between languages and culture and how they are represented in Holyoke’s students.