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Many Holyoke elementary and middle school students will be assigned to new schools when they return to the classroom at the end of the summer as part of the district’s recent rezoning changes. Students and their families may be wondering: What will my new school be like? Who will be my principal? What hours of the day will my school operate?

To assist families as they prepare for these transitions, HPS has produced a series of fact sheets—one for each elementary and middle school—that provides key facts as well as photos of school leaders and key staff to make it easier to recognize new faces when school resumes. They can be found here:

Elementary Schools (grades PreK-5)boundary map here

Middle Schools (grades 6-8); boundary map here

More information about each school can be found on the "Our Schools" page of the district website.

HPS recently moved to separate elementary and middle schools and redrew school boundary lines as part of the district’s equity commitments and to better meet students’ academic and social-emotional needs. Rezoning allows Holyoke Public Schools to:

  • Design schools tailored to elementary or middle school grades;

  • Staff each grade with a complete team of teachers who collaborate together;

  • Expand learning opportunities, including growing dual language and offering varied enrichment opportunities to students; and

  • Dedicate more resources to instruction, not operations.