Glittery stars on navy blue background: Congratulations to our 2023 Rising Stars

Holyoke Public Schools has selected 38 students in grades 6-12 from 10 district schools to receive one of the district’s most prestigious honors for students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership skills, and community involvement. 

The district’s Rising Stars program is celebrating its 29th annual awards with a ceremony scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 25 at Holyoke High School’s Dean Campus.

“At Holyoke Public Schools, celebrating student accomplishments is core to our culture, and we are committed to providing high-quality education that enhances student learning and achievements,” said Superintendent Anthony Soto. “Congratulations to our 2023 Rising Stars; we are proud of your accomplishments and hopeful of your successes in the future.”

This year’s Rising Stars include:

  • Hannah R. Angelini, Grade 12, Transitions Academy 

  • Angelyah N. Bauza, Grade 10, HHS North

  • De'Andrea M. Belony, Grade 6, Peck

  • Kelcy A. Brunelle, Grade 8, Metcalf Middle

  • Christian M. Claudio, Grade 11, HHS Dean 

  • Veronica L. Colon, Grade 11,  HHS North

  • Aliliana M. De Jesus, Grade 6, STEM Academy

  • Vicent Y. Delgado Ramos, Grade 8, Peck

  • Ruben Diaz Pagan, Grade 7, Peck 

  • Jossue U. Dumont Carrasquillo, Grade 8, Holyoke Middle  

  • Leilany I. Figueroa, Grade 8, STEM Academy 

  • Roberto Felix Gomez, Grade 8, Peck 

  • Samuel A. Gaston Rosario, Grade 7, Peck 

  • Nicole L. Henchey, Grade 12, HHS North 

  • Clayton LaPointe, Grade 6, McMahon

  • Izrael Lopez, Grade 10, HHS Dean 

  • J-Marayah Martin, Grade 7, Holyoke Middle

  • Emayris Morales Laclaustra, Grade 7, Metcalf Middle 

  • Samantha I. Moya Lugo Grade 12, HHS Opportunity Academy

  • Angel Y. Ofray Lozada, Grade 7, STEM Academy

  • Angel K. Ortiz Diaz, Grade 7, Sullivan

  • Damir B. Padilla, Grade 6, Sullivan

  • Nathan V. Pok, Grade 9, HHS North

  • Audrey M. Potter, Grade 8, Sullivan

  • Joshua Quiles Rodriguez, Grade 12, HHS North 

  • JoemManuel Reyes Lebron, Grade 6, Holyoke Middle

  • Camryn E. Rist, Grade 12, HHS North 

  • Julian A. Rodriguez, Grade 8, McMahon

  • Kelvin J. Rodriguez De Jesus, Grade 8, Peck 

  • Nicholas J. Rodriguez, Grade 10, HHS North

  • Samantha Y. Rodriguez, Grade 9, HHS North

  • Alysha N. Rosa, Grade 9, HHS Dean

  • Kiara Rosario, Grade 12, HHS Dean

  • Pedro Rosario, Grade 10, HHS North

  • Patrick Smith O'Connor, Grade 6, Metcalf Middle

  • Bryant Y. Torres Martinez, Grade 7, McMahon 

  • Xadier G. Torres Morales, Grade 8, Holyoke Middle

  • Nadeycha C. Vasquez Pena, Grade 12, HHS Opportunity Academy