HPS Receives Updated Square Footage Figures for Donahue, Kelly, and Sullivan

An architectural firm recently hired by the district to work on a project unrelated to rezoning has recalculated the square footage sizes of Donahue, Kelly, and Sullivan schools using computer assisted drawing (CAD) software.

These new calculations show significantly smaller square footage numbers for Sullivan School and slightly larger square footage numbers for the other two schools, compared to the figures previously reported through the district’s rezoning outreach efforts. Those earlier square-foot calculations date back more than 25 years, and no one currently working at HPS knows their origins.

The architectural firm’s newly calculated numbers are as follows:

  • Donahue is 74,212 square feet, which is 3,662 square feet bigger than the previously reported 70,550 square feet.
  • Kelly is 89,361 square feet, which is 3,059 square feet bigger than the previously reported 86,302 square feet. This makes Kelly the largest of the three schools.
  • Sullivan is 71,401 square feet, which is 40,599 square feet smaller than the previously reported 112,000 square feet. This makes Sullivan the smallest of the three schools.

Although all three schools have the same number of traditional-size classrooms—33—Kelly has a larger cafetorium than the other two schools, as well a large library/rotunda area the other two schools don’t have, and two gyms instead of one.

“We realize that some of our community members may have formed opinions about which of these three schools would be our best choice for converting to a middle school based on those previously shared square footage figures, and we wish we had been able to get these square footage figures out to people earlier,” said HPS Chief of Strategy Erin Linville. “Building size is only one of many factors being considered, and all three buildings are sufficiently large enough for the estimated enrollment of 500-550 students. We continue to seek community feedback about which of these buildings will become a middle school in 2023. We very much want community feedback on this, so please take this survey by October 13 to share your opinion.”

If you’d like to learn more about the district’s rezoning process, consider participating in an upcoming community meeting on Tuesday, October 11, at 5:30 p.m. Register here to receive the Zoom link. Parents who participate in DPAG, ELPAC or SEPAC will receive a direct calendar invitation, too.

You can also learn more about rezoning by:

  • Referring to the district’s website for in-depth information.
  • Reading and sharing this flier (in English and Spanish)
  • Watching this 9-minute video with background information and hopes for the future.
  • Watching this 4-minute video (in English and Spanish) that includes photos from each of the three schools so you can get a feel for each of the buildings.

Reviewing these slides that provide details about the similarities and differences of the buildings themselves and some of the pros and cons to the actual location of each building. All three school buildings have the necessary elements for a middle school building for 500-550 students.