Lora Talbot and Kim Carlino smile in front of the new Donahue School mural
Orange sky with clouds and silhouette of sun
Newly certified level-2 interpreters for HPS
Graduates on stage at the war memorial
seven hands raised in the air, palms forward
Construction site showing concrete wall and steel beams
Laptop in background with document in foreground
Steven Moguel standing in school hallway
Blue background with gold stars and text: Congratulations to our 2024 Rising Stars
EPA Clean School Bus logo  with a yellow bus in a blue circle
Principal Lori McKenna takes a photo with the class of 2024
Green background with pencils, paintbrushes, compass, and clock
Class president speaks with superintendent at graduation
Young boy looking up and smiling at teacher who smiles back at him
Three young children with one offering a thumbs up
Calendar with 29 highlighted in gold and red alarm clock
A Lawrence student colors in an orange creature
Artist rendering of new middle school
Side of food truck with HPS logo and a beet top
Text: HPS budget hearing on June 10 with HPS logo