Image of William Cepeda playing playing the tambourine.
Portion of the dictionary definition of History
Orange sky with intense clouds and sun with rays
Magnifying glass highlighting the word Justice over an open dictionary
Chalkboard with cart of pencils, pens, scissors, calculator, apple; notebook and push pins
Logo for National School Public Relations Association
Mosquito on human skin
Holyoke Public Schools food truck with fruits and vegetables graphic
Summer Reading Challenge July 3 to August 4
Picture of Jeremiah "Jay" Boyd set against an orange background
Set against a blue background the words Summer Reading Challenge, July 3 to August 4
Artist rendering of the planned new middle school.
Mr. Kris Chesky against a Clean White Background, with the words 1977 graduate thanks HPS teachers as he joins Johns Hopkins University
An artist rendering of the proposed new Peck Middle School
Students and teacher in a group in front of stage set
Artist rendering of proposed new middle school design
Meter showing unhealthy air quality in Holyoke
light blue background with an art clip of a merry go round and the words SEPAC Year-End Celebration
Artist rendering of proposed new middle school design
HPS logo with text "Our Achievements" and wooden cubes with light bulb, bullseye and gear ico