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Anna Rigali, HHS North
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Elizabeth Lenart, HHS Dean
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North Campus Counseling

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Dean Campus Counseling

Teresa Beaulieu, HHS Dean School Counselor
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College Access Programs

Gear Up
Grades 10-12
Jazzmun Baez
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Greenfield Community College Upward Bound (formerly listed as Northfield Mt. Hermon Upward Bound)

Yahima Perez

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Work-Based Learning Program

Antonio Quinones
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College Counseling

About HHS College Counseling

The Holyoke High School College Counseling program aims to provide all students, grades 9-12, with the information, skills and resources they need to pursue a postsecondary education. To accomplish this mission, school counselors meet with students in groups and individually to provide college counseling. In addition, stand-alone workshops are offered to all students and caregivers to educate families about the different aspects of post secondary planning. The college counseling team is led by a College and Career Counselor and is supported by the school counseling department.

College Info & College Counseling Appointments

College Planning Resources

Academic Programs & Info

College & Career Planning Activities Year by Year

Grade 9

  • Learn about careers and colleges in Freshman Seminar

  • Use Xello to explore careers and majors

  • Visit with college reps at HHS

  • Consider signing up for Upward Bound or Gear Up

  • Consider applying for the Early College program at HHS

Grade 10

  • Use Xello to explore careers and majors

  • Take the PSAT

  • Use Khan Academy to practice for the SAT

  • Visit with college reps at HHS

  • Continue to explore colleges and careers through your academy, the work-based learning program, college websites, and by attending workshops offered at HHS

  • Consider applying for the Westfield Promise Program at HHS

  • Consider applying to a Dual Enrollment program through HCC, STCC, or UMASS

Grade 11

  • Attend group sessions with school counselors to learn about college (counselors come into classes)

  • Talk individually with counselors about postsecondary plans

  • Meet with the work-based learning staff to set-up internships or to obtain work

  • Take the PSAT in fall

  • Use Khan Academy to study for the SAT

  • Take the SAT or ACT in the spring

  • Visit with college reps at HHS and visit colleges

  • Make a college list and share with the college counseling department

  • Research colleges using search tools and websites

  • Attend workshops offered by HHS

  • Ask teachers to write letters of recommendation

  • Summer: write a college essay

  • Summer: start college applications

Grade 12

  • Refine your college list and share with college counseling department

  • Visit with college reps at HHS and visit colleges

  • Take the SAT/ACT in the fall

  • Ask teachers to write letters of recommendation

  • Apply to college

  • Apply for financial aid

  • Apply for scholarships-HHS posts many

  • Take any required placement tests (community college)

  • Work with the work-based learning staff for post-secondary job placement