Seal of Biliteracy

HHS North school admins presenting a Seal of Biliteracy to student.


Nissette Gonzalez
Holyoke High School Assistant Principal and Coordinator for Seal of Biliteracy,
Phone: (413) 534-2020, Extension 1170
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Jennifer Albury
Multilingual Director
Phone: (413) 534-2000, Extension 1403
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Joeilys Diaz
Language Specialist & Title III Specialist
Phone: (413) 534-2000, Extension 1410
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Holyoke Public Schools is awarding the Seal of Biliteracy to eligible students.

The Seal of Biliteracy is an award designated for students who have attained proficiency in English, as well as one or more additional languages.  Students who receive the state Seal of Biliteracy will receive a distinguished pin and sash that will be worn over their graduation gown and the Seal of Biliteracy insignia will be affixed to student diplomas as proof of biliterate attainment.  

What is the Seal of Biliteracy?

The Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy is an award that was established in November 2017 as a way to recognize graduates who have earned proficiency in English as well as another language.  Students qualify for the State Seal of Biliteracy when a high school senior has attained proficiency in English, met qualifications for graduation, and has passed the state approved language assessment. Through the Seal of Biliteracy, the recognition of attaining biliteracy becomes part of the high school transcript and diploma for these students.  The Seal serves to certify attainment of biliteracy for students, employers, and universities. This expands opportunities as students leave school and are ready to enter college and the workforce.

As we expand our Dual Language Program, we hope that more HPS students will have the opportunity to earn the Seal of Biliteracy.

Are you an upcoming senior, interested in learning about the Seal of Biliteracy?

Contact your guidance counselor for information about eligibility.  You can also take a moment to take the 45-minute test here.