Two students  seated at desks, one raising their hand while looking into the camera as the other looks on.


Rebecca Thompson, Executive Director of Academics
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Phone: (413) 534-2005

Two student athletes at a game facing each other wearing their purple knight jerseys.


Melanie Martin, Director of Athletics
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Phone: (413) 493-1683

Student wearing their graduation cap next to young woman posing for a picture during graduation ceremony.


Jennie Oesterreicher, Director of Communications
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Phone: (413) 493-1605

A smiling student next to a plate of fruit looking straight at the camera as other students behind her work on their plate.

Enrichment & Extended Learning

Michelle Macklin, Director of Extended Learning
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Phone: (413) 534-2000, Extension 1404

Student and parent at a district meeting looking into a packet of papers prominently showing maps of the City of Holyoke.

Family & Community Engagement

Stefany E. Garcia, FACE Team Member
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Phone: (413) 579-8226

Student at her desk looking back and smiling at the camera with an ipad and student in the background.


Erin Linville, Chief of Finance & Strategy
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Shaena Gubala, Executive Assistant  
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Phone: (413) 534-2000, Extension 1600

Student smiling for the camera at a school cafeteria holding a food tray with lunch.

Food Services

Ashley Plante, Interim General Manager
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Phone: (413) 534-2000, Extension 1651

Student in gym class smiling as they hold a sports ball as other students in the background play.

Health, Wellness, & Nursing

Cynthia Carbone, Director of Health, Wellness, and Nursing
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Phone: (413) 534-2000, Extension 1221

Two educators at Holyoke High School North's Library

Human Resources

Beth Gage, Chief of Human Resources
Shaena Gubala, Executive Assistant  
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Phone: (413) 534-2000, Extension 1600

Two students holding pencils and working together at desk

Special Ed/Pupil Services

Marianne Currier, Chief of Pupil Services
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Phone: (413) 534-2000 Extension 1209

Student wearing a blue Batman shirt and holding a water color brush.

Student Enrollment

Rebecca Lamb, Director of Enrollment Services
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Phone: (413) 534-2000, Option 1

Gym teacher supporting student in class.

Student Support Services

Giselle M. Rojas MSW, Director of Student Support Services
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Phone: (413) 534-2000, Extension 1204

HPS Translation and Interpretation staff member engaging with parent and student.

Translation & Interpretation

Linette Clayton
District Translator & Interpreter
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Marilyn Ramos
District Translator & Interpreter
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Students in line waiting to enter the schools bus.


Dean Santiago, Transportation Manager
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