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Holyoke Public Schools supports comprehensive health education, nutrition services, physical activity, health services, mental health services, health promotion, school and family/community relationships, and a healthy environment. Improved health optimizes student attendance and academic performance. The district strives to equip students and their families with the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices in their daily lives.

Medications, Procedures, and Treatments at School

Medication Information for Families

When possible and as appropriate, families should administer their child’s medications, treatments, and procedures at home whenever possible.

State guidelines prohibit nebulizer treatments at school during the COVID-19 pandemic since nebulizer treatments can increase the risk of the virus being aerosolized.

Children who require any of the following during school hours should have them available to them at school: emergency medication such as (but not limited to) an epinephrine autoinjector (EpiPen), asthma inhaler, seizure medication, diabetic supplies, other medication, treatment, or items needed for a procedure.

Medications, procedures, and treatments at school require current written orders and the signature of a parent or guardian

If your child needs medication, procedure or treatment during the school day, a current and proper order from a licensed prescriber must be given to the nurse at your child’s school before the student enters or re-enters school. Orders will be renewed as needed, including at the beginning of each academic year. Contact your child’s school nurse for more information or if you have questions.

Health forms for Kindergarten Registration

Health forms for Kindergarten Registration include your child’s health history form, evidence of up-to-date immunizations, a lead test, and a current physical exam form. Be sure to contact your healthcare provider well in advance of Kindergarten Registration to make sure you have what you need when it’s time for you to register your child.

More Information and Forms

Screening and Physical Examination Information and Forms

Immunizations (Sometimes Called "Vaccinations" or "Shots") Information and Forms

General Health and Wellness Information and Resources