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Our Strategic Plan is shaping the future of Holyoke Public Schools.

Under the umbrella of the existing turnaround plan, Holyoke Public Schools released a new multi-year strategic plan in August 2022. This plan reflects all the work that has been done under the turnaround plan over the last almost seven years and articulates focus for the next few years.

The district’s strategic planning process began in September 2021 as Superintendent Anthony Soto launched his entry plan work, which concluded in February 2022 with the release of his entry plan findings report. Then, Superintendent Soto recruited students, families, staff and community members to join a large group Advisory Committee and small group Steering Committee to support the development of the strategic plan. Education Resource Strategies (ERS) in Watertown, MA, facilitated these groups. Throughout the process, more than 400 staff, family members, students, and community members provided input for the plan, in addition to the 1,150+ people who contributed to Superintendent Anthony Soto’s entry plan process that concluded earlier this year. Additionally, in spring 2023, Superintendent Soto solicited input from all stakeholders on the first year of implementation, in order to strengthen efforts for future years. For example, we added another multiyear strategy: 2.5 Create data systems to support successful implementation of high-quality instruction and monitor student progress.

The Strategic Plan, Moving Forward Together, builds on the strengths of our past, while serving as a call to action to dramatically and urgently accelerate student learning. This requires thinking differently about how we teach, how we work together, and how we support students’ well being.

Please visit the What We Stand For webpage to read the vision, mission, core beliefs and equity commitments as well.


Holyoke Public Schools Strategic Plan Priorities.

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