Strategic Priorities

Holyoke Public Schools’ four strategic priorities are essential for the district to achieve its vision of “A Pathway for Every Student.”


The strategic priorities are centered around each school having the resources, support and focus needed to develop and implement a highly effective School Improvement Plan.  All schools have engaged in a rigorous and reflective planning process to develop unique school improvement plans, designed to support students academically, behaviorally and social-emotionally. Our students will graduate prepared to excel in college, career and community leadership.

In SY21-22, Superintendent Soto will undergo a collaborative process to collect input from all stakeholders and refine the strategic objectives, priorities, goals and actions.

Strategic Objectives

  • Use district-approved core curriculum to ensure all students receive strong core instruction, 
  • Ensure all grades K-8 students placed in Tier 2/3 support receive targeted intervention and make 1.5 year’s growth on STAR.
  • Analyze data from the assessment plan through data team cycles to accelerate student learning.

Strategic Priorities, Goals, and Actions

Teaching & Learning

Goal: Dramatically increase reading, math and science proficiency for all students.

Select Actions:

  • Strengthen the implementation of instructional strategies to support multilingual learners.
  • Complete a Literacy audit to inform the creation of  a three-year  Literacy improvement plan 
  • Plan and support the implementation of PK-2 literacy-based Science curriculum.
  • Increase the number of PK-8 schools that have access to and implement STMath.
  • Provide and administer interim assessments aligned to core curriculum.
  • Develop a process and support school leaders to monitor core and intervention curriculum implementation.
  • Ensure that students identified in the bottom 25th percentile receive systematic interventions in ELA and Math based on their needs.


Supporting the Whole Child 

Goal: Meet the academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of students.

Select Actions:

  • Support principals in the implementation of student supports, including the new social-emotional curriculum.
  • Continue the plan to move towards distinct elementary and middle schools.
  • Create a technology-rich environment and recover from the loss to district technology from last school year.
  • Ensure schools and departments have real-time access to budgets.
  • Re-bid a new 5-year food services contract to focus on higher quality, culturally relevant, tasty food.


Family & Community Engagement 

Goal: Empower families to work with schools to meet their children’s needs.

Select Actions: 

  • Strengthen School Councils to engage families as active partners in their child’s learning.
  • Continue to strengthen translation and interpretation services.
  • Improve the family and school transportation experience by improving the bus routing system.


Shared Learning & Leadership

Goal: Staff grow and learn to achieve exceptional results for all students.

Select Actions: 

  • Develop school leaders to implement systems for observation and feedback and weekly data meetings with classroom teachers.
  • Plan and implement an inclusive hiring process.
  • Support educators to earn and maintain appropriate licensure/endorsement.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of all teacher recruitment programs.
  • Strengthen the professional learning of special education teachers and IEP teams.

Equity Commitments

  • We ensure that the students, families, and staff who need the most get the most.
  • We incorporate the voices of those impacted.
  • We promote access and inclusion for all students, families, and staff.
  • We reflect and embrace the greater diversity of our students and families.
  • We work to be an anti-racist, inclusive, and culturally-responsive community
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