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We are excited about our continued transformation efforts to put our students on a pathway for college and career success.

Regardless of a student’s academic profile, we are invested in creating learning opportunities that nurture, engage and ensure that our young people are poised to excel.  To this end, we offer a fuller school day with more enrichment, academic and social/emotional opportunities for students in Kindergarten through grade 8 (K-8).  We have infused additional technology into schools, expanded choice programs and enhanced curriculum resources for our educators.  We have also quadrupled the number of high school students accessing dual enrollment courses, developed a 9th grade academy and launched breakfast in the classroom for K-8 grade students.

The Holyoke Public Schools is in the midst of an exciting turnaround to better serve students, families, and the community.

A turnaround plan has been developed that includes the following five priority items:

  1. high quality instruction for all
  2. personalized pathways
  3. engaged students, families, and the community
  4. an effective and thriving workforce
  5. a system of empowered schools

Turnaround Plan | (En Español)
Executive Summary | (En Español)
Modifications Request and Approval

Additional details can be found in Dr. Zrike’s letter which highlights the more recent accomplishments in Holyoke Public Schools.