Sharina De León Bermúdez

As Holyoke Public Schools prepares to celebrate International Translation Day on September 30, district and school staff, students, and families are paying tribute to the work of the district’s language access professionals. 

“Our translators and interpreters play essential roles within our community,” said HPS Superintendent Anthony Soto. “They help foster understanding in our community and play significant roles in the district’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable environment for all our students, families, educators and staff.”

Each year since 2017, the United Nations and the international community have recognized September 30 as International Translation Day to acknowledge the work of language professionals worldwide as their work plays an important role in bringing nations together, facilitating dialogue, understanding and cooperation, contributing to development, and strengthening world peace and security.

“My job is to eliminate the communication barriers so that our students and their families feel informed, important, and heard,” explained HPS translator and interpreter Sharina De León Bermúdez in this short video. She is one of four members of the district’s Language Access Team. Marilyn Ramos and Diego Acosta also serve as translators and interpreters. Linnette Clayton leads the department as manager of Language Access. Watch for additional video messages from them tomorrow and Friday. 

“We would love to hear and share stories from our families and staff about the many ways our Language Access team members have provided support and resources,” Mrs. Clayton said. “You can tell us your stories through this Google form, provided in both English and Spanish.”