5th grader Sophia Bonilla stands with her award next to Superintendent Anthony Soto

As part of his commitment to highlighting staff and student excellence, Superintendent Anthony Soto has made surprise presentations to three staff members and three students since he launched his Excellence Awards campaign in December. The recognition program is on-going, with awards presented several times each month. Each recipient receives a personalized plaque and $25 gift card.

Recipients selected so far include:

  • Eunasy Bowens, a third grade student at Lawrence

  • Kate Fenn, a school counselor at HHS North

  • Layla Barnett, a fourth grade student at Peck

  • Paola Diaz Adorno, an ELA teacher at Peck

  • Sophia Bonilla Perez, a fifth grade student at Morgan

  • Brandi Bellacicco, a first grade teacher at Lawrence

Additional recipients will be honored each month.

  • Please use this form to nominate an HPS educator who you believe excels at reflecting the HPS mission, core beliefs, and equity commitments and who works diligently to ensure our students are prepared for success in school and beyond. Who is eligible for nomination? Any district employee—including teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, counselors, nurses, office staff, or any other staff member!—who contributes to the success of our school community.

  • Please use this form to nominate an HPS student who you believe deserves recognition for exhibiting the most important attributes and skills a student develops throughout their educational journey in HPS, from PreK through high school, as noted in the district’s Learner Profile.