Profile of a Learner

Learner Profile

Our Learner Profile describes the most important attributes and skills a student develops throughout their educational journey in HPS, from PreK through high school.  Beyond the academic standards a student develops, the Learner Profile paints a picture of the type of person a Holyoke student is now and who they will be supported to become. With these characteristics clearly articulated, Holyoke has a shared picture for our destination.

Holyoke Learners

Reflect and persist

We think deeply, learn from doing, and develop the confidence and skills to persevere through challenges.

Embrace empathy and kindness

We seek to understand, appreciate, and value individuals from all cultures and belief systems.

Apply critical thinking

We analyze situations and solve problems.

Communicate effectively

We use our languages to exchange information, build relationships, and develop understanding.

Help ourselves and others

We advocate, collaborate, own our learning, and seek solutions.