Language Access Manager Linnette Clayton
Sharina De León Bermúdez
Magnified Image of COVID-19
Colorful background with Holyoke Public Schools logo
Exterior of Peck School
Two men standing in front of a mural made by students
Moving Forward Together Strategic Plan Cover with Logo
Eva Marie Sicard, age 17, is missing
Logo for Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Student stands in front of art display while showing her award certificate
Graphic of student and teacher in the classroom with the words You Belong in Teaching
Dean student measures window
Two students wearing traditional clothing of their culture.
Middle School Students in Class Talking to Each Other
Clearing the Air: An Asthma Toolkit for Healthy Schools
A picture of a young student receiving dental care
Student at Morgan School Counting With her Hand
Orange sky with intense clouds and sun with rays
Five elementary students waving in hallway
Two students working at desk with phone stored in Yondr pouch