Young student holding pencil in front of her face
Teacher seated on floor with students around her
Students and faculty at the award ceremony for the Seal of Biliteracy
Students working on algebra equations at the blackboard
worried child sitting on bean bag with caring adult kneeling beside
Workers and a crane on site at the new middle school construction zone
Image of the mural featuring portraits of Madame CJ Walker, Yolanda Arroyo Pizzarro, and Mu Sochua
Text: Early College graduation with HPS logo
Drawing of tick being held by a tweezer
Text: 2024-25 Schedule Changes
Artist rendering of new middle school
Logo for Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Students working on projects
Educator helps student draw on a kite
Health-assisting student and teacher working on mock patient
Speech bubbles saying "Take the Survey"
Two photos of teachers working with students
State education leader with school principal on tour
Child's hand planting seeds in small paper cup