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Beth Gage
Chief Human Resources Officer
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Christie Elman
Director of Recruitment and Induction
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Human Resources

Holyoke Public Schools
57 Suffolk Street
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About Holyoke Public Schools

Excellence in Teaching

Why work here?

Holyoke Public Schools is a PK-12 public school district serving nearly 5,000 students, of whom 80 percent are Latino/Latina, in 10 schools within the City of Holyoke, which has about 38,000 residents. Holyoke is in Hampden County within the Pioneer Valley region of western Massachusetts.

HPS employs nearly 1,300 people who together educate and support a richly diverse community of learners. Holyoke Public Schools is a PreK-12 public school district serving nearly 5,000 students and their families. We educate and support a richly diverse community of learners. We are committed to recruiting and retaining top-quality educators who believe all children can and will learn and who strive daily to make school a joyful place of discovery, support, and belonging. We are committed to Equity and Diversity. We strive to build and retain a workforce that is not only the most qualified to teach the students of Holyoke but also celebrates and reflects the rich diversity of our students.

We are committed to equity

Our Equity Commitments are pledges we are making to address systemic equity challenges. 

  • We intentionally build a community that is anti-racist, inclusive, and culturally responsive.

  • We ensure that students, families, and staff get the support they need to be successful.

  • We seek out and incorporate the voices of those impacted, with a commitment to include those who have been excluded in the past. 

  • We promote access and inclusion for all students, staff, and families.

  • We respect, embrace and honor the diversity of our students, families, staff, and community.

  • We reflect on our own behavior to minimize harm to others.

We create a culture of acceptance and empathy so that everyone feels valued and is able to contribute to our community’s success.

Our Turnaround Plan

HPS was placed into receivership by the State of Massachusetts in Spring 2015 because of struggling performance. We have since implemented a Turnaround Plan that has led to expanded opportunities for students to explore the arts, sports, sciences, local and world cultures, early college and work-based learning.

Visit our Accomplishments webpage to learn more.